Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Learn how to eat healthier, move more, and lose weight with the YMCA’s Weight Loss Program. No gimmicks, no restrictive approaches – just the tools you need to achieve your wellness goals. Our Wellness Director and Instructor, Nichole Reynolds, will guide you through topics including balanced eating, physical activity, goal setting, positive psychology, and behavior sustainability. Program is open to adults ages 18 and older with a desire to reach a healthier weight.

Meet our Instructor 

Nichole Reynolds is proud to be a YMCA-USA Certified Weight Loss Program Instructor. Nichole looks forward to helping our community reach their weight loss goals!

Program Includes:

  • Group-based discussions that involves learning, sharing, and problem solving in a classroom setting
  • No exercise component, but participants are encouraged to engage in activities at the Y that support their weight loss efforts
  • Participants will self-design action plans to achieve their weight loss goals
  • Participants weigh in, track food, and activities and create SMART goals each week


$100.00 for (1) 12-Week Session

$150.00 for (1) 12-Week Session